Buyers Procedures,
Auction Day


Download registration form.

  • Registering as a buyer is paramount, no bidding can take place without a confirmed ‘Bidders’ Number’ by law, refer to The South African Consumers Act of
  • Commission is 15% over and above the purchase price. The purchase price shall also be known as either the ‘Knock Down’, ‘Hammer Price’ or ‘Auction Price’.
  • Confirmation of some items referred to as STC’s (Subject to Confirmation) will be announced by the Auctioneer at the time of the Knock Down/Hammer Price, and confirmation of same will be done as speedily as possible
  • Questions or advice, please ask, nobody will be offended, no matter how trivial the question might seem. All droughts/queries should be clarified before commencing your bidding to eliminate any confusions
  • Remember, all your bid/ding is a legal contract and bound by law to be paid/settled by you! No exceptions will be tolerated

Bidding procedure:

  • Please feel free to address any questions, queries or ask advice from Sandhurst Military Auctioneers’ staff and/or representatives and the auctioneer on duty before the commencing of the Auction
  • As a registered bidder, you may then commence bidding once the Auction has been officially opened for bidding
  • Make eye contact with the auctioneer for him/her to acknowledge your bid, or hold your registered number high up to be seen
  • Call out your bid if necessary and attract the auctioneer’s and or floor assistant’s attention. Make yourself heard
  • Remove yourself from the bidding by shaking your head ‘no’ or saying “no” if the auctioneer turns your way
  • Remember, you are legally bound by your bid/s
How to bid at SMA

We try to make bidding and buying at our auction as straight forward as possible. Buying at SMA is as simple as these five steps:

1. Register...
2. Bid...
3. Buy...
4. Pay...
5. and Take Away

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