Do’s & Don’ts

  • Never Bid if you have no money to purchase/pay if you have not made proper financial arrangements to purchase/pay prior to the commencing of the Auction
  • Do Not Bid if you are not a registered bidder. Previous Auction Bidder numbers do not qualify. New numbers will be issued at each new Auction event
  • Commence Bidding only if you are fully acquainted with or understand all the conditions of Sandhurst Military Auctioneers’ Rules and Regulations and some individual attributes to certain items on Auction
  • Never be intimidated by other bidders as they may be trying to put you off from bidding. Forming a ‘Ring’ is an illegal act and may lead to criminal prosecutions, in other works, concurring with other bidders as to who is going to bid on certain items to keep the ‘Hammer Price’ down. Totally unlawful, and we will prosecute if such acts of ‘Ring’ forming are detected.
  • We will be recording and videoing the Auction for security purposes and for any disputes that may arise
  • Being shy may get you to lose an item or two, please do ask questions. A simple question my save you a heartache/annoyance for being quiet
  • Hesitate or procrastinate when bidding may lose the deal. Decide your limit beforehand and bid up to your comfortable price level that you have decided upon per item.

Enjoy yourself and be heard on your bidding of items that you decide to bid on

NB. If you lose your bidders card, report such to the office immediately

How to bid at SMA

We try to make bidding and buying at our auction as straight forward as possible. Buying at SMA is as simple as these five steps:

1. Register...
2. Bid...
3. Buy...
4. Pay...
5. and Take Away

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