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What is Militaria?

Militaria are artefacts or replicas of military, military police and police.

Such collections and antiquities include – medals, firearms, swords, knives, uniforms, helmets, military headgear, armour, military orders, decorations, challenge coins, awards, badges, buttons, insignia. military art and sculpture. Including militaria ephemera, such as cigarette cards, prints, photographs, antiquarian books, magazines and posters. Militaria also includes scale models, toy soldiers, items of combat equipment and field gear.

Today the collections of militaria are found in museums, professional collectors and hobbyists. Many European families, specifically those royal families with long martial tradition have large collections of militaria passed down from generation to generation. Also, many people today collect militaria for investment purposes.

An alternate name used by many dealers for militaria is ‘military antiquities’ or ‘military antiques and collectables’.

Something to think about !!

To many collectors, what will happen to their collection after their death can be some anchoes worry. Often surviving relatives have no concept of the true value of a collection, what to do with it or where to dispose of it. Collections or individual items can be sold off at a fraction of their true value thus cheating dependents of funds that you have amassed over the years in the pursuit of your hobby. Sandhurst Military Auctioneers are pleased to offer advice and can offer a service which puts your mind at rest and ensures that your collection realises the full present market value for your spouse or children.

We have heard truly terrible accounts of so called ‘friend’s suddenly appearing and offering to buy the collection, or individual items in it, at a fraction of the true value. So, we urge you, the collector, to consider now what you would like to happen to your collection in the years to come and assist your partner by explaining the various options and ensuring they are aware of who to contact should anything happen to you. You have spent a great deal of time and money assembling the collection so you should have the ultimate say in what happens to it.

We offer a totally confidential and personal service and regularly handle the sale of collections, both at home and abroad, in a manner which realises the best return for our clients and their families.

Sadly, we have had several cases where the collectors’ wishes have been completely ignored by some distant relatives, so we urge you to make your wishes known and formalise things by putting them in your will.

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